A 1.5 hour party that caters for up to 13 children (12 guests plus the Birthday child) costs $230 plus a $100 deposit (total $330).  Standard party food is included.


A $20 surcharge is added to our most popular times, 12noon and 2pm parties.

Any extra children (after the first 13) will be charged $15 per child.

An extra half an hour may be requested and will be charged at $100.


To make a party booking we require a deposit of $100.  This deposit is to be paid at the time of making the booking.   

The balance is payable upon confirmation of the final number of children or alternatively on the day of the party.

For payments, we accept cash, online banking, and credit and debit cards.  Credit and debit card processing fees are passed onto the customer :)


We have changed our policy to cater for the coronavirus.  We will refund your deposit (minus a $10 administration fee) if we need to shutdown quickly due to a coronavirus shutdown.  ​​​You are also able to reschedule your party if you have a coronavirus issue that prevents it from going ahead.  Otherwise f​​​or all other cancellations we require 3 weeks notification.  This gives us an opportunity to try to refill the cancellation and you to receive a full refund of your deposit.



You can make an email inquiry via our Contact Form or if you'd like to speak to someone or make a booking, please call Sophie on

0424 93 62 55.


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